How many times have we heard or said, "you don't have to go to church to be saved." This mantra has been repeated ad nauseam, and might I add, unnecessarily. Church attendance as a necessity for salvation has never been the claim of mainline evangelical churches or the scriptures. Yes, believers are commanded to gather together corporately and worship as a body. (Heb. 10:25) Also, this was the regular practice of the churches in the book of Acts. In truth, the Bible presents corporate worship as necessary for obedience and spiritual maturity, not salvation.

So, why has there been such a decline in worship attendance in recent years? I think one of the reasons for this decline is that with the church drifting toward showmanship on one hand and  commercialism on the other there has been a decline in attitudes toward worship by the ordinary Christian. Some of the consequence for this decline in interest has been a growing desire for the anonymity found in large commercially driven user friendly ministries or a complete drop out altogether. Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a move among God's people to return to the local church, worship corporately with love and encouragement, serve with joy as one body to strengthen God's kingdom, and join hands together to obey the Great Commission. This is what we hope and pray for.

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Sunday Morning 11 a.m.

Sunday morning worship begins with prayer and praise, we celebrate community, and our worship culminates with the preaching of God's Word. 

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Sunday Night 6 p.m.

Sunday night we sing the old and ancient hymns of the faith, we study God's word (currently we are going through our Membership Matters Class) and then the day of worship culminates with the faith community taking the Lord's Supper together to remember and proclaim Christ's death and resurrection.

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Wednesday Night 7 p.m.

Our Wed. Night Bible study takes place in the fellowship hall. Journey of a Lifetime is a bird's eye view of the Bible in 52 weeks. So bring you bible, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and let's walk through the bible together. (Children and Teen classes begin Sept. 5)

Wednesday Night 7 p.m.

During bible study our Children in Action & Youth on Mission also meet. This is a new ministry and we are thrilled for this new missional, instructive, and exciting ministry.