What is an Elder Cohort

What Is a Cohort?

The cohort model was born out of a desire to impact, educate, and grow community. It is grounded in the belief that people develop emotionally, mentally, and relationally better as a group than as isolated individuals.  

What is the Basis of a Cohort?

To understand, it is important to answer the question, “what is a cohort?”  The dictionary definition of cohort is “a group of people banded together or treated as a group.” That is a perfect way to define the “elder cohort.” We are “men banded together as a group” to study God’s word, promote God’s work, and elevate God’s men to greater service in the kingdom.

What are the Benefits of an Elder Cohort?

Different people learn in a variety of different ways, but it is a given that all people learn better in groups. This is because the group dynamic permits people to learn not just academically, but relationally. We can bounce ideas and thoughts off each other without fear of marginalization or condemnation. It allows for everyone to develop spiritually, theologically, and ministerially from whatever level they begin at. Nurturing a group identity engenders inter-group support and creates a space for encouraging innovational thinking for kingdom work. It helps everyone learn how to more effectively glorify God in community and in life.

What are the Goals of the Elder Cohort?

“For this reason, I left you in Crete, that you would set in order what remains and appoint elders in every city …” (Titus 1:3) The goals are these in no particular order: First, to assist in the spiritual, biblical, and relational development of all men who have the desire. Second, to see God raise up elders who will continue to serve, shepherd, and lead the flock at North Trident. Third, to see God raise up elders who will go out and serve, shepherd, and lead in other places to expand, strengthen, and grow the kingdom of God.