Ministerial Ordination

The things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also. (2 Timothy 2:2)

If there is one thing that Baptists are not guilty of it is this: we do not require too much from someone seeking ministerial ordination. In truth, our guilt extends in the other direction: we don’t require enough.

It is the vision of North Trident to replant and revitalize so that we might reproduce. Reproduction means sending out ministers and workers to plant, replant, and revitalize. In order to do the we must train and ordain pastors. Pastoral training can happen a couple of ways: 1) Formal education in bible college and/or seminary. 2)Practical training and mentoring through the ministry of North Trident.

History reveals the fruitful ministry of formally educated men such as Adrian Rogers, Tim Keller, Mark Deaver, JD Greear and others. It also reveals the fruitful ministry of self taught men as well such as CH Spurgeon, AW Tozer, and DL Moody. God promises to equip those He calls but he equips them in a variety of ways.

We want to be one of those ways God uses to equip, facilitate, and mobilize those He calls. Also, in the process we want to be good stewards and master builders for the kingdom of God. With this in mind, we have detailed the path by which we, an SBC church in the Screven Baptist Association, will ordain gospel ministers. You will see that this process affords a number of things. First, it assures the body of Christ of the candidate’s faith, calling, belief, theology, and understanding. Second, it creates a peer group for the candidate. Ordination is not a magic wand. Formal education and experience do not provide for all the complexities that come up in ministry. Every minister needs Godly counselors and the candidate’s ordination council becomes those intial counselors.

If you are a member of this community of faith and you believe God is calling you into the gospel ministry then we want to help you in your calling. Here is the path to ministerial ordination.

1. Meet with the Senior Pastor/Lead Teaching Elder for initial interview and acceptance.

2. Together, with the lead elder, create an ordination council of peers and mentors.

3. The Initial Ordination Council Meeting

  • Each member of the ordination council introduces themselves and gives initial words of advice to the candidate.

  • The Candidate is given a list of questions to be answered before the 2nd ordination meeting.

  • Each council member will be asked, based upon their own experience and life, to suggest a key book they believe would be beneficial for the candidate’s future ministry. (Those books will be purchased and awarded to the candidate in the ordination service.)

  • The council will pray with the candidate and then schedule a “one on one” meeting with him before leaving.

4. In addition to the individual meetings with each council member and answering the questionnaire, the candidate will be asked to preach (4) four times before final ordination.

  •  Sunday night on a text from an Epistle

  • Sunday morning on a New Testament Text

  • Sunday night on a text chosen by the candidate

  • Sunday morning on an Old Testament narrative text

5. Second Ordination Council Meeting 

  • To review with the candidate his answers to the questions given

  • Any final words from council members

  • Dismiss the candidate for a decision

6. Ordination Service